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About Us

Who are we? Well, we are nobody (yet!), but with an exceptional product and a genuine desire to exceed your expectations as a customer, we hope that we can grow our start-up brand into a meaningful business.

Back in 2020, as this new and deadly virus gripped the world, we were all highly concerned about how much it would impact our lives. We could never have foreseen a situation where governments simultaneously locked down their populations and coerced them into accepting an experimental medical procedure. However, as 2020 and 2021 moved along, it became clear that the virus predominantly affected very elderly, frail, or medically vulnerable individuals with two or more comorbidities. As the data emerged, it became clear that the vast majority of those hospitalized or who had died due to the virus had chronically low levels of vitamin D. This was the lightbulb moment.
The first question raised was why something as readily available, easy to produce, and very highly tolerated as vitamin D was missing from people's diets?

Vitamin D is essential to a healthy immune system. Without it, our immune system cannot function anywhere near optimal levels. The more research we did, the more we found that vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent worldwide, particularly in the northern hemisphere, which gets a lot less sunlight.

The second question was, why was this not common knowledge among the public? After all, given its critical importance in protecting people's health and the ease at which low levels of vitamin D can be rectified by taking a simple supplement, why have the health authorities in all countries not made it common knowledge that most people are deficient in vitamins D and fixing that is incredibly easy and costs very little?

Frequently Asked Questions


    Our company is known as a D2C or direct-to-consumer business. It is an increasingly popular way for companies to operate and for good reasons, mainly concerning profit maximization. A D2C company sources its goods directly from a manufacturer and then sells them to the customer through the Internet. This saves a lot of money compared to running a traditional high street shop front with much higher running costs.

    Consequently, the cost of setting up a business such as this is considerably less than a traditional business.

    An entire industry has grown up around the D2C business model. This includes companies that build websites, provide software to monitor e-commerce sales across the Internet, companies that specialize in the email to existing or potential customers and warehousing companies that distribute the goods on behalf of the e-commerce store. The list is endless. People are obsessed with increasing the amount of revenue they generate from every customer, lowering the cost of getting that customer in the first place, and ensuring that they extract every last penny possible from the customer at the lowest possible price (to them).

    We, on the other hand, are driven by different “key performance indicators.” We are in the business of making a profit, but that is not what motivates us. Our goal is to provide for the people who work with us and ensure that they have a good quality of life while being fairly paid for their work. Our second priority is to serve our customers well. We will constantly strive to provide high-quality products that we know have real value to our customers and do it as efficiently as possible. Unlike most if not all of our competitors, you’ll also notice that our telephone number is on every bottle that we sell. We don’t want to treat you like a profit center. We will treat you like a friend because we cannot exist without you.


    Many people are finding it a tough place to be. Everything that we used to take for granted seems to be turned. Governments are continuously lying to us, bringing us to war, collapsing our economy, and making it more difficult for people to survive and never mind thrive. We believe that while we place our faith in these old institutions of government and commerce, such as banks, nothing will ever change, and in all probability, things will get worse. We believe that by working together and promoting and encouraging community, we can change the direction of our lives.

    While many large companies and famous international brands constantly bang on about how much they care about you or how much they care about the economy, or how much they care about the sustainability of their businesses, in reality, they have only one objective, and that is to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible from you.

    Yes, we want to generate income, but we will also give back a substantial part of our profits to local community initiatives and people we partner with within the communities in which our staff and our customers work and live.

    While our company is a tiny start-up, we have already put in nearly a year of challenging work to get to the point where we have a product that we are proud of and the technical systems in place which we believe will help us to deliver and hopefully exceed your expectations as a customer.

    So, to make a long story short, we hope to build something brilliant and something that everyone who works with us, for us and particularly our customers and communities, can see that there is another way of doing business in the 21st century.


    Pursuing profit without any real sense of social responsibility is simply a race to the bottom. Logically, there will be no jobs in fifteen or twenty years because it is more profitable to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to replace the expensive worker. We believe that work itself is an essential part of a human’s life journey, and we want to provide employment that is meaningful, well-paid, and satisfying.

    Together we can do this differently, and if you become a customer of ours, we will endeavor to put our values front and center in everything we do. If at any time, we do not, we expect our customers to let us know. After all, we are only a telephone call away……


    We will

    – Supply exceptional products that have real value to our customers and nothing else.

    – Do this at a reasonable price

    -Provide excellent customer service. Our customers or visitors to our website can find a telephone number for your UK and Irish offices.

    – Build a community of like-minded people because we feel that it is only but looking out for each other so that we can collectively thrive and prosper.

    – Help educate our clients about nutrition, new scientific breakthroughs, or literature, and present this in an easy-to-understand, digestible format.

    – Educate our clients about nutrition, new scientific breakthroughs, or literature.