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NutraHealth365, Sustainability and You

Sustainability means many things and takes many guises. The general interpretation of the word is centered around our shared natural environment and the necessity to protect and nurture it. To this end, one of the very first expenses we incurred while setting up our business was a contribution to Pachama whose company’s mission is to use technology to accelerate the fight against climate change by making it easier for individuals and companies to offset their carbon emissions. Each year they plant thousands of acres of trees and manage rainforests in south America.

The company’s platform allows individuals and companies to easily purchase carbon offsets from a variety of different projects. Each project is thoroughly vetted by Pachama, and the company provides detailed information about the project’s impact on the environment and the local community. This transparency helps to ensure that individuals and companies are able to make informed decisions about which projects to support. From the very start, NutraHealth365 partnered with Pachama to offset our manufacturing and delivery carbon footprint.

However, sustainability encompasses more than just our natural environment but also the sustainability of our collective societal values and the maintenance of our ‘way of life’. So, along with supporting Pachama we also support those that strive to protect one of the greatest gifts that democracy has given us and that is the right to freedom of individual expression.

Back in 2020, as this new and deadly virus gripped the world, we were all highly concerned about how much it would impact our lives. We could never have foreseen a situation where governments simultaneously locked down the populations and coerced them into accepting an experimental medical procedure. As the data emerged, it became clear that the vast majority of those hospitalized or who had died due to the virus had chronically low levels of vitamin D.

The first question raised was why something as readily available, easy to produce, and very highly tolerated as vitamin D was missing from people’s diets? The second question was, why was this not common knowledge among the public?

The answer to both these questions is, shockingly, state backed censorship. Those who were highly qualified and attempted to question the ‘official narrative’ were silenced, publicly ridiculed, de-platformed and attacked simply because of their (highly informed) opinions. Freedom of speech was removed by governments with the covert collaboration of ‘big tech’ social media platforms and the legacy media.

This coordinated, cynical suppression of truth (which has since cost hundreds of thousands of lives) was the inspiration behind starting this company and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the individuals and independent media producers listed on this page. These are the people who had the courage to hold power to account. These are the people that refused to permit our inalienable right to hear the truth to be taken from us.

Many of them have made enormous personal sacrifices to protect your right to speak your truth. We support most of these people financially and we encourage you to do the same. Go to our About Us page to learn more about our companies ethos and what motivates us.

To find out more about our companies ethos and what motivates us please CLICK HERE

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John Waters – Journalist

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James Delingpole

An excerpt from James’s latest Substack…

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Informed Consent Action Network

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We are cultivating a global collaboration of the world’s prominent biologists, chemists, immunologists and epidemiologists to forge [...]

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