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Sustainability in an ever changing world

NutraHealth365, Sustainability and You

Sustainability means many things and takes many guises. The general interpretation of the word is centered around our shared natural environment and the necessity to protect and nurture it. To this end, one of the very first expenses we incurred while setting up our business was a contribution to Pachama whose company's mission is to use technology to accelerate the fight against climate change by making it easier for individuals and companies to offset their carbon emissions. Each year they plant thousands of acres of trees and manage rainforests in south America.

The company's platform allows individuals and companies to easily purchase carbon offsets from a variety of different projects. Each project is thoroughly vetted by Pachama, and the company provides detailed information about the project's impact on the environment and the local community. This transparency helps to ensure that individuals and companies are able to make informed decisions about which projects to support. From the very start, NutraHealth365 partnered with Pachama to offset our manufacturing and delivery carbon footprint.

However, sustainability encompasses more than just our natural environment but also the sustainability of our collective societal values and the maintenance of our 'way of life'. So, along with supporting Pachama we also support those that strive to protect one of the greatest gifts that democracy has given us and that is the right to freedom of individual expression.

Back in 2020, as this new and deadly virus gripped the world, we were all highly concerned about how much it would impact our lives. We could never have foreseen a situation where governments simultaneously locked down the populations and coerced them into accepting an experimental medical procedure. As the data emerged, it became clear that the vast majority of those hospitalized or who had died due to the virus had chronically low levels of vitamin D.

The first question raised was why something as readily available, easy to produce, and very highly tolerated as vitamin D was missing from people's diets? The second question was, why was this not common knowledge among the public?

The answer to both these questions is, shockingly, state backed censorship. Those who were highly qualified and attempted to question the 'official narrative' were silenced, publicly ridiculed, de-platformed and attacked simply because of their (highly informed) opinions. Freedom of speech was removed by governments with the covert collaboration of 'big tech' social media platforms and the legacy media.

This coordinated, cynical suppression of truth (which has since cost hundreds of thousands of lives) was the inspiration behind starting this company and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the individuals and independent media producers listed on this page. These are the people who had the courage to hold power to account. These are the people that refused to permit our inalienable right to hear the truth to be taken from us.

Many of them have made enormous personal sacrifices to protect your right to speak your truth. We support most of these people financially and we encourage you to do the same. Go to our About Us page to learn more about our companies ethos and what motivates us.

To find out more about our companies ethos and what motivates us please CLICK HERE
The Richie Allen Show - The #1 Radio Show in Europe!

The Richie Allen Show is the most listened to independent news radio show in the world. The show airs Mon - Thurs at 5 PM UK Time on & and TuneIn Radio. Richie interviews men and women who have vital information that is being suppressed by mainstream media. The show is often controversial but always fair and balanced.

Richie began his career presenting late night music shows for his local station in Waterford, Ireland. He was promoted to the position of producer of the stations top rated news show. During his tenure the show enjoyed the healthiest ratings in its history.

Richie left Ireland to study TV and Radio at the University of Salford. During this time he also taught radio production courses for City & Guilds. He moved to Spain where he presented a hugely successful evening show for Talk Radio Europe. The show featured conspiracy researchers and covered issues that were previously considered taboo on commercial radio.

In 2013, Richie moved to London to present a daily TV show for The People’s Voice television station. Although the show was a success, the station sadly folded after only a year.

Richie moved back to Manchester to launch The Richie Allen Radio Show, which airs on,, and The show has gone on to become the most widely listened to independent radio show in Europe.

Richie is a strong free speech proponent and although this has brought him into conflict with various special interest groups and seen him accused of aligning with any guest whose opinion might be unpopular or offensive he still firmly believes that all opinions should be heard and challenged. Every episode is archived on

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John Waters - Journalist

John Waters is an Irish Thinker, Talker, and Writer.  From the life of the spirit of society to the infinite reach of rock ‘n’ roll; from the puzzle of the human ‘I’ to the true nature of money; from the attempted murder of fatherhood to the slow death of the novel, he speaks and writes about the meaning of life in the modern world.

Since then, his articles have appeared in publications such as First Things,, The Spectator, and The Spectator USA. He has published ten books, the latest, Give Us Back the Bad Roads (2018), being a reflection on the cultural disintegration of Ireland since 1990, in the form of a letter to his late father.

He is to boot a sometime playwright and songwriter, husband of Rita, father of Róisín, brother of three sisters, step-granddad of angels, nationist, civilizationalist and lapsed agnostic. He was born in County Roscommon, belongs to Sligo and lives in Dublin.

How Can You Support Unchained?

John Waters Unchained has been going for a number of months now and it’s been quite the revelation. Having for years set my face against any fixed Internet presence, I have begun to glimpse the possibilities as well as the pitfalls of being online in some shape or form. From the beginning, I didn’t like the overall www thing, regarding it as a retrograde step for humanity, and Western civilisation in particular.  And, while recognising the merits of many elements — in particular the longform interviews that emerged largely via YouTube — I felt it was never going to rise above the ranks of alternativism.

I feel differently now. For one thing, having become more and more visible on other people’s platforms — Gemma O’Doherty, Dave Cullen, Richie Allen, etc. — I have begun to see signs of something converging. Coincidentally, or otherwise, the past ten months have demonstrated that the legacy ‘mockingbird’ media are no longer fit for purpose and on their last legs. That means that there’s now a vacancy where one could not say it existed heretofore.

I experienced a slow-burning realisation: that the Internet, which so often seemed an instrument of unmediated decivilisation, might after all be capable of offering itself as an antidote to the incipient totalitarianism I could increasingly identify amidst the cultural and political tendencies bearing down upon us. I also sensed a growing audience of people out there, sickened by the mainstream media, who would appreciate the ability to read some journalism of the old school, unfiltered, unedited, unplugged, unchained. Substack was suggested to me as a suitable platform. Quare name, I thought, but great sthuff! (If you don’t get that one, don’t worry about it: it means you’re still young!) I dipped my toe in and became hooked.

It seems to me now that, of pure and dire necessity, our civilization will very soon require to reconstruct for itself, out of the journalistic equivalent of five loaves and two fishes, a new Fourth Estate. This needs to happen much faster than currently seems either safe or possible, but must be achieved if we are to save our civilization from terminal disaster.

That’s why I have decided to devote more of my time to building this platform, and making it one of the priority things I do in the coming period.

I’ll continue to write and publish books. If I can’t find a publisher — not an unreal concern in these increasingly tyrannical times — I may have to do the once unthinkable and self-publish. I’ve already started work on a new book about the Time of Covid, which I’m beginning to see as Part II of Give Us Back the Bad Roads — an even more sombre letter to my father, perhaps titled I Hope You’re Sitting Down. 

I also hope to stage a play in the coming year or soon thereafter. Of all the writing work I’ve ever done, my stint as a playwright, back in the 1990s, was by far the most rewarding and enjoyable.

I shall continue my involvement with the amazing Gemma O’Doherty and ACI, taking the battle to the doors of the tyrants and doing what we can to wake the neighbours. I see Unchained as the platform where I bring much of this rather diverse work burden together. It is an essential part of my work now.

Support My Work

I have been very kindly asked by some readers how they might support my work. My plan is that the substantive content on here will remain free at the point-of-use. My economic situation is by no means self-sufficient, however, so I am also going to provide people with a mechanism whereby, if they feel so moved, they can make a monthly donation by way of supporting me in continuing with this varied and hopefully variegated work. You can do that by clicking the Subscribe button below. But everybody is invited to read, watch, share —without any sense of obligation. If you can manage a regular donation, that’s great. If not, you are equally welcome.

By way of an experiment in opening up to a more interactive model, I’ll be offering subscribers access to one additional article each Friday, a kind of Diary of My Week — detailing what I’ve been working on, any progress we’ve been making in fighting the Combine, any articles/books/movies that have caught my attention etc. People who have read my recent books will know that I have an abiding dread and repugnance of online comment threads, going back to my days with the Irish Times. But in deference to the interactive age, I will also provide for a discussion underneath this Diary in which subscribers can talk with each other and hopefully find like-minded individuals to discuss this very odd world we are struggling to live in. As we move along, I hope tentatively to overcome my own suspicion of online forums and maybe occasionally join in!

Unchained will remain free to all

Aside from this experiment, my intention is to maintain Unchained as a free platform, with the rest of the material available to all. The archived articles are all available to view here.

I feel we are on the cusp of a new era. I have known for a long time that the legacy media were destroying themselves, and threatening to bring our civilisation down with them. Up until now, I have seen no prospect of an alternative emerging. Now, I do — not just Substack, of course, but all the other forums emerging as well, as Big Tech and the mockingbirds shoot themselves in the feet every morning and continue in the same mode for the rest of the day. I feel a little like I felt on that May morning almost 37 years ago, when I drove to Dublin from the West, looking forward to particpating in the great battles of Irish life and culture with Hot Press. Now, half a lifetime later, I set out once more — still free at heart, still scanning the horizon, not broken, not bowed, and still Unchained.

Godspeed all,

John Waters

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James Delingpole

An excerpt from James's latest Substack...

"Tell me about your personal experiences of Covid 19. Actually, wait, don’t. I think I may have heard it already, about a million times before. You lost all sense of smell or taste - and just how weird was that? It floored you for days. It gave you a funny dry cough, the driness and tickliness of which was unprecedented in your entire coughing career. You’ve had flu a couple of times - and, boy, when you’ve got real flu do you know it. But this definitely wasn’t flu. It was so completely different from anything you’ve ever known, why you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it had been bioengineered in a lab with all manner of spike proteins and gain-of-function additives, perhaps even up to and including fragments of the AIDs virus…"

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The UK Column

The UK Column is an independent news organisation founded in 2006 by Brian Gerrish, our co-editor. Established with no financial backing or external investment, the UK Column remains completely independent of any advertisers, foundations and political parties. All of our funding comes from our viewers, listeners and readers who support us through memberships and donations.

We ask you not to trust us. Instead, view everything published here with a critical eye. Where possible, primary source material is made available for everything we publish: check it; make up your own mind.

Who runs the UK Column?

The UK Column is run by Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott.

Why should I trust the UK Column?

Put simply, you shouldn't.

The question of whether or not to trust a news organisation is a false choice.

Making such a choice is promoted by government, the old media, and two new organisation types: the fact checker and the trust provider. It disenfranchises readers, viewers and listeners. It is based on the principle that if you trust the media organisation you are visiting, there is no need for you to check the information they present.

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Informed Consent Action Network

At the Informed Consent Action Network, we’re dedicated to investigating our food, our air, our water, our drugs and our vaccines, with the mission of identifying and stopping the spread of man-made disease.

We are cultivating a global collaboration of the world’s prominent biologists, chemists, immunologists and epidemiologists to forge a new future of health policy driven by scientific evidence, rather than industry influence.

In collaboration with these scientific minds, ICAN has conducted the most thorough investigation into vaccine safety in history.

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Aisling O'Loughlin - Substack

Hi, I'm Aisling Loughlin, an independent journalist. Time is of the essence. We’ve got to get the word out like our lives depended on it, because they do. This is serious. The most pressing moment of our existence, a call to action in the face of a devastating depopulation agenda playing out before our very eyes.

The mainstream media has turned rogue, bought out by special interests that do not serve the public.

Big Pharma funded ‘fact checkers’ police so-called disinformation. Censorship has become the norm as social media sites shadow-ban dissenting voices and promote agenda stooges, like they were rock stars. The public has been caught off-guard, believing well known TV presenters whose faces seem so appealing and trustworthy. They’ve been tricked, hoodwinked by a massive, global, coordinated campaign to tighten the control grid for ‘for your health and safety,’ no less.

What can we do about it? Have faith, do not be afraid and take action. The charade only works if everyone plays along. Hear the call, step up and let’s counter the lies with Truth, let’s speak with authority, let’s do this together, any which way we can. Let’s make it beautiful and glorious. God wins. Love wins. Truth wins. Never give up. United we stand.

Here’s a little bit about myself: I’m a mother of three boys, living in the South of France but with my heart still in Ireland. I studied journalism at Dublin City University before embarking on a career as a news anchor on national TV for six years, alongside reporting and presenting The Week in Review on Sunday nights. I was also a regular presenter on The Morning Show on TV3 while writing as a columnist in magazines and newspapers.

I subsequently spent 10 years on a popular entertainment show called Xposé, covering celebrity interviews, fashion and showbiz. By baby number three, it was impossible to keep up the pace so my little tribe and I moved to France to learn the language and soak up the sun. I continued as a columnist with The Irish Mail on Sunday until the so-called pandemic. I realised I could not be part of the mainstream media while pointing out its failings on Covid-19. So I’m out on my own. No boss, no safety net. It’s rather thrilling, a double back flip dive into the Great Beyond.

My Substack is dedicated to my three children. I reject the World Economic Forum’s agenda for their future. I will protect their bodily autonomy. I will protect their right to speak freely. I will protect their innocence. Let’s create a bright new future together for all the kids. They deserve a beautiful legacy from strong, fearless adults. Do not be afraid. On me must go.

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Ben Rubin - Rise UK

Rise exists to facilitate this debate and unite our people around a shared purpose and vision for the future. We have some ideas about what this could look like, but this must be a collective effort; or it simply won’t work. We are igniting a social movement for change. A movement focused first and foremost on humanity. And on creating a system that works for everyone. The collective. We, the people.....

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  - African proverb

England, and the rest of the UK, is going through a major transitional period. We are living, as they say, in interesting times. Collectively wrestling with questions that are fundamental to the future of our nation:

  • Who are we?
  • How we did we get here?
  • What do we want to be in the future?
  • How do we make constructive, united progress towards that goal?

In order to answer these questions we must do as we’ve always traditionally done: Engage in free, open and transparent debate about the challenges that beset us and how best to overcome them.

Support the movement

We are funded entirely by our members.

We accept no money from advertisers and are unaffiliated with any political organisations.

Our content is available for free.

Subscriptions and donations are used to fund the activities described above.

We’re grateful for any support you’re able to provide towards carrying out this important work.

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